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In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

For many years I stood in front of a camera and enjoyed every second of it, I got to travel the world and do something that at the time I really loved. I also have spent the past 10 years as a personal training helping others reach their health goals. Today I’m a Wife and a proud mum and although career wise what I do may vary none of the things I do define me…What I can tell you is that each day my focus is to seek, know and serve my God given purpose within all that I do.

I myself are no more perfect than anyone who reads my posts, whether it be fitness, health or spiritual encouragement…I fail, I fall short of God’s glory, I go through obstacles just like any other. But By the Grace of God He so lovingly opens my eyes (which were once blind) and softens my heart ( which was once hardened) to his LIVING Word that gives me guidance through my data to day life and to know that my life purpose isn’t to be the best of the best or to be perfect! but that my purpose is to Love him Wholeheartedly, to serve Him and to do what He calls us and equips me to do, by helping others understand the bad news and sharing The good News within all areas of my life.

I will be updating my fitness and health blog over the next few months but Please read through my encouragement section and allow yourself to be encouraged By Gods Love and Grace.

I thank God for giving me the boldness, courage and Faith to serve Him within all the do, and I always pray that I will share his wisdom faithfully. I hope that through my posts eyes will be opened and hearts will be softened. I pray that I will always share the word with a pure and faithful heart, with pure and faithful motives and with pure and faithful love for everyone I hope to read them.

I pray that I can reflect the same love, grace, and mercy that God shows me, and to always glorify him in all that I do, say and even think. 


**I strongly believe that if something encourages you share it and if someone encourages tell them but please note that if any of my posts encourage you, I’m just a vessel that is doing what we are all called to do. 🙂

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